Still Think Your Business Doesn’t Need a Blog? Think Again.

There are certain areas of content creation and online marketing that people understand right away. It makes perfect sense that you would want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression with an engaging website that isn’t riddled with grammatical mistakes. It even makes sense that you would want to take this all a step further and develop a keyword and content strategy that will help search engines recognize your site more easily.


If you have been in business for a while and watching eagerly as your site slowly climbs up the list of ranking results, you know the sense of victory that comes from seeing your site go from number five on the list to number three. It doesn’t matter if your colleagues don’t understand why you are fist pumping in your cubicle. You are self assured enough to know that your celebration is perfectly proportional to that two spot jump.

Why in the world would people want to read one, let alone many, posts about locks?

But even those on board with some aspects of web content creation still seem to hold out when it comes to blogging. Skeptics sit back and wonder:¬†what is this whole blogging thing? It still sounds like a fad for teenagers who like to make up words like “blogging” which just make me feel like I have marbles in my mouth. Plus, I am pretty sure it was the gateway drug that led to the plague that is selfies. My locksmith company really isn’t into “trendy.” Pretty much we just install locks and unlock things.

The point of a blog is to reach out to your customer base. Yes, not everyone is going to go searching for the latest news on locks, but they may be reading up on innovations in new home construction. Perhaps they are about to build a house and want to make sure they have the latest in security technology. So let’s say that you have a blog that establishes yourself as your area’s leading voice in home technology. All of the sudden, you have people visiting your site to read interesting articles . If you have done an especially good job of covering that topic, those people will share that with their friends. Other sites will talk about and link to your articles. You are now the locksmith everyone wants to be!

Why do I need a blog? It doesn’t seem relevant to my industry.

Creating a blog doesn’t mean writing about narrow topics; it means anticipating what questions your customers have, what kind of information they are looking for on the web and providing them with answers.

content hugOver the years, I have written blogs for a variety of businesses and ¬†people are always surprised to hear what I end up writing about. For the male stripper company, I didn’t spend my time writing about naked men. I wrote articles with tips for throwing the perfect wedding or bachelorette party because that is the same audience who goes searching for some party entertainment options.

When I started a blog for a medical equipment company, I knew that articles on catheters and stair lifts weren’t going to pull in the readers. Instead, I focused on topics that were important to Baby Boomers and researched trends in aging. Within a few months, I was a leading expert on aging in place and that site was reaching thousands of readers a month.

The benefits of adding a well-written blog to your business’s site goes well beyond just attracting visitors. A blog will help establish your brand, create a recognizable name and make sure that you stand out as a leading voice in your industry.

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