Learn the Largest Source of Traffic for Online Businesses

According to a recent study conducted by Brightedge, organic traffic is the largest source of both visitors and revenue. Email campaigns, social media outreach and paid advertising all fall way behind as sources of traffic. So what does this mean for you? If you aren’t producing quality web content that engages readers and provides them with valuable information, you are ignoring the number one way to bring potential customers to your website.


As the graph shows, no matter what industry you are in, organic search traffic will be your main source of traffic. It is up to you whether or not you capitalize on this opportunity and focus you efforts correctly.

www.increase-website-traffic.jpgHow to Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic ┬ásimply means that visitors are being directed to your site through search engine results. They type a few keywords into Google, your website appears on the first page and they click to visit your site. The trick is to make sure that your website is showing up in search engine results. Basically, it all comes down to offering content that people comment on, link to and share. You can pay to promote facebook posts and get thousands of followers, but if you don’t have content that people are interacting with, you won’t be doing much for your search engines rankings.

Rethinking Your Marketing Budget

www.rethink-your-marketing-budget.jpgA lot of businesses make the mistake of putting too much value on email marketing and social media. Yes, these are both great tools that should be a part of a comprehensive strategy, but if the majority of your budget is going towards promoting posts, then you are investing the most money in an area that will provide you with the least return on investment.

While establishing your site as a source for information and moving up the search engine rankings can take time, it is well worth the investment. You aren’t going to see immediate spikes in traffic. Inbound marketing and web content creation is not for the impatient, but when done correctly, it can mean the difference between having a thriving business that is constantly attracting new customers or getting lost in the last pages of Google search results.

The majority of your marketing budget should go towards working with writers and content creators who can produce quality blogs, articles, press releases, videos, webinars infographics and other types of information for audiences to digest. Not only will content help you increase traffic, it will also provide you with something valuable to share on social media and include in email marketing campaigns.

Content is King

When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, quality web content is the driving force behind acquiring organic traffic and enjoying lasting success. If you need help developing a search engine marketing strategy, creating quality content and increasing organic traffic, contact Belo Consulting today. Unlike other marketing companies, our main focus in on content creation. We have a staff of talented writers and SEM experts who can help you target the right audience with the perfect content.

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