Google Has Good News for Your Business

Over the past few years, companies have take to treated press released as a mere formality or a last thought. The trend has been to make important announcement through social media, but with Google’s new algorithm, the pendulum may just be swinging back the other way.

Small Changes Making a Big Difference

While there hasn’t been a major overhaul to the way Google calculates rankings, they have made minor adjustments so that companies who publish their own press releases will show up in searches. This means that more weight has been given to this form of content and press releases have taken on new importance in the realm of content marketing and the ability to drive organic traffic.

Why a Press Release?


A press release provides just another way to share high quality, relevant and timely content. They are also super useful to traditional news organizations who may be trolling the web to pick up on the latest stories. If you are launching a new product, opening a location or hiring a new CEO, your little press release could be picked up by major outlets and do wonders for traffic to your site.

Timing is Everything

If you are going to do a press release, don’t treat it as an after thought. There isn’t much point in releasing a statement about recent happenings in your company weeks after they have actually taken place.

timing-is-everythingHave your press release ready to go well before the big date.

Use social media to post teasers and get people excited. Once you break the news, readers will have access to a concise release that includes all the relevant details and direct quotes from relevant sources.

A little preparation will ensure that you are the first to break the news and that your release is the content that shows up in relevant searches. Don’t let someone else beat you to the punch or sit back and hope that someone does a write-up on your new store location.

Be proactive. Create good content. Craft a press release and Google will reward you.

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