Start the New Year with a Revamped Website

new-years-resolutionsIt is holiday time and while that means too many cookies and too many drinks, it also means a time for self-reflection. Most of us begin thinking about what we want to get out of the next 12 months. What didn't we accomplish this past year? What would be like to be different about the next year?

A lot of us make the mistake of getting a little overzealous and making a long list of goals. Our ambition gets the best of us and before Valentine's Day hits, we are beating ourselves up about all the resolutions that have already fallen by the wayside. Instead of overwhelming yourself with new goals, what if you could set just one goal that would make all the difference?

The Beautiful Simplicity of an "Impact Goal"

www.the-beautiful-simplicity-of-an-impact-goal.jpgIn a recent blog, productivity expert and creator of The Efficient Office, Tracey Gritz, discusses what she calls an impact goal. Instead of thinking about all the little things you want to change, she recommends setting one impact goal, which is the number one change you can make that will have the biggest impact on your life. It is a simple concept and really helps to make meaningful and lasting changes.

Impact Goals for Businesses

If you are a business owner, you might start by asking: "What can I do that will have the biggest impact on my website traffic and conversion rates?" The answer is simple: improve your content and update your website.

I'm sure there are a million other things you would like to do to improve your business, but if you had to focus on changing one thing that would yield the biggest results, then creating better content should be your first impact goal.

The great thing about impact goals is that you can continue to set new ones as you make progress. Once you have improved the overall look and feel of your website, you can set a new impact goal. Maybe you want to improve certain internal processes so that everything runs more smoothly. Maybe you want to streamline your new employee hiring process. The key is to take it one impact goal at a time. This strategy will help ensure that you have the most profitable and year to date.

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