The Key to Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about provide people of something of value and nurturing relationships. When you are establishing relationships and networking online, it all comes down to good writing. I am not talking about gimmicky sales writing that makes you feel like you are reading the script to a cheesy used car sale commercial. I […]

Has SEO become a Dirty Word?

By itself, the term SEO seems benign. The concept is straightforward enough: companies are looking to optimize their websites as much as possible in order to be search engine friendly, attract the right visitors and improve rankings. Seems reasonable and not the least bit sinister. Unfortunately, people often associate SEO with outbound and black hat […]

The #1 Skill for Getting Ahead in Business

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine examines what Americans think is the most important skill our children need to learn in order to get ahead later in life. Without spoiling the results quite yet, those surveyed were given a choice of ten different categories: 1.┬ácommunication 2. logic 3. reading 4. teamwork 5. writing 6. science […]

The Top 5 Blogging Trends of 2015

We are well into 2015 and in the world of blogging, certain trends have taken root and appear to have the staying power to continue to influence blogging, SEO strategies and quality web content creation. Here is a look at the top 5 blogging trends of 2015 that will help keep your business at the […]

What is Link Building?

First and foremost, link building is simply another way to increase your presence on the web, gain credibility and drive more traffic to your site. The more other websites share your blog links, discuss your company or provide any type of back links, the more search engines will recognize you as a reputable site that […]

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Still Think Your Business Doesn’t Need a Blog? Think Again.

There are certain areas of content creation and online marketing that people understand right away. It makes perfect sense that you would want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression with an engaging website that isn’t riddled with grammatical mistakes. It even makes sense that you would want to take this […]