Pay Per Click Campaigns

A comprehensive approach to internet marketing will incorporate a variety of content, social media and Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. This last tool allows you to bid on certain keywords and make sure that you are ranking above your competitors.  Essentially, you want to make sure that when potential customers use specific search terms and keywords in Google and other major search engines, you are the first site that shows up in the results.

While some of your ranking is determined by the quality of your web content, SEO practices and back links, you can also bid on keywords in order to improve your rankings even further. How much you pay per keyword depends in large part on the relevance of your site, how well written and organized your advertisements are and the strength on the content on your site. Search engines will evaluate all of these factors and assign your site a quality score. The higher your quality score, the less you will pay per click.


How We Can Help

1. Make sure that your site receives the absolute highest quality score possible.

2. Conduct thorough and ongoing keyword research to make sure that you are utilizing the best search terms.

3. Create ads and ad groups that will perform well and drive visitors to your site.

4. Use best practices to keep pay per click costs low and save you money.

5. Keep up with changes in the market and continue to make necessary adjustments to ensure your success.

Get Started

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