Product Descriptions

No matter what kind of business you run or what kind of products you sell, at Belo Consulting we haveMore retro clipart at the writers and expertise to produce original and compelling product descriptions. Our team is skilled in catering their work to specific audiences and purposes. We can work with you to create just the right tone and show your products and brands in the best possible light.

Characteristics of a Well-Written Product Description

  • Demonstrates a knowledge of potential buyers. The very first step in creating a product description is to establish a clear profile of the intended audience so that you can address their needs and concerns. If you know who your audience is, you can speak directly to them and create more engaging text that will persuade them to buy.
  • Easy to skim. Online shoppers are looking to quickly get a feel for product. They make snap decisions about whether to purchase a product or move on to other options. A good product description is easy to read and will clearly present essential information.
  • Persuasively outlines the advantages of the product. The basic truth is that if you are selling products on the internet, you are in a competitive market. Shoppers have access to stores and products from all over the world. You aren’t just competing with businesses in your town. You are a part of a global market. This means that you have to clearly establish why your products are different and better than the rest.
  • Has a distinct and consistent voice. Even a short product description provides you with the opportunity to establish a unique voice that helps tie your products and your business together into one consistent brand. Specific word choice can help convey a certain personality and tone. A skilled writer can do a lot in just a few words.

Whether you are looking for more technical descriptions or aiming for more sales oriented text with a clear call to action, we will work closely with you to learn more about your goals and your products in order to create outstanding product descriptions that will turn browsers into buyers and increase your revenue.

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