Why is Web Content so Important?

www.comment-spam.jpgIn the early days of internet marketing, websites were able to increase their rankings and show up on at the top of search results simply by cramming their pages with keywords and spamming other sites with links to their company. Even today, you may notice that the comment section of articles are full of weird links that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

While these types of links used to produce some positive results, today they are flagged as spam or unnatural links and the website will be penalized. Search engines have the power to completely remove businesses and their websites from the search results altogether if that website is not abiding by marketing best practices. Paying for links or spamming other sites are two surefire ways to get on Google’s bad side and end up tucked far away in the search results.

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 The Almighty Algorithm

www.google-algorithm.jpgIt didn’t take long before major search engines like Google and Bing began adjusting the algorithms that determine search results so that only quality sites earn top rankings. Search engines are constantly refining the way they evaluate sites to ensure that users are getting relevant results. This means that only well-written websites that follow marketing best practices and stay up-to-date with policy changes will continue to receive top search results.

There will always be companies out there offering a quick fix and promising thousands of links, but if it sounds too good to be true, it is. The truth is that there is no way around putting in the time to create rich content and build relationships with websites in order to earn quality back links. Short cuts will inevitably lead to penalties and leave you even further away from your goals.



Eleventh Place is the First Loser

The difference between showing up in the top ten search results or on the second page of search results can make all the difference in the world. In fact 91.5% of all Google traffic comes from first page results. Second page results receive only 4.8% and third page results garner just 1.1% of all Google traffic. Web content is one of the main factors that will influence your rankings and dictate whether you show up on the first page of search results or get lost in the shuffle.

Content is King

content_is_kingWhile there is some debate about who first coined the phrase “Content is King,” it became an internet marketing mantra in 1996 when Bill Gates used it to accurately predict the future of the web publishing and e-commerce. Many years later, there is still no better way to establish a web presence, increase traffic, and build a successful business than by creating excellent web content.